Tooth Fracture in Youths

 Written by: Mohammad Arif Rahimi

The teeth play a key role in the digestive system.  Teeth are necessary for chewing foods in preparation for swallowing but sometimes some teeth break and this illness faces people, especially youths with the problem. Writer/producer has talked to some youths and physicians in the Hospital of Stomatology in Kabul city.

Mohammad Naseem, a resident of Maidan Shahr, the center of Maidan-Wardak Province says: my four teeth have a fracture and aching. I have no sleep during the night.

Faridon Sharifi also complains from the fracture of his three teeth. He has a headache along with a toothache.

Doctor Hamidullah, a dentist in the hospital of Stomatology in Kabul city says:

Those, who face tooth fraction, their teeth would be infected and the inflammation might spread around the root of the tooth and would decay the tooth. If not treated, it leads to pulling out the tooth.

Why we face the tooth fracture?

A girl, Ferishta says: when I was breaking almonds with my teeth, I faced tooth fracture. Another girl says that she did not pay attention to the cleanliness of her tooth, she faced tooth fracture.

A dentist, Haakima says:

The use of toothpick and even string could be caused the tooth fracture. using matchwood and wire for cleaning teeth, smashing hard things like almonds, walnuts by teeth and psychological stresses such as chewing teeth during bedtime, would also cause the fracture of the tooth.

Prevention of tooth fracture:

Abdullah says: using toothbrush and toothpaste prevent the tooth from decay and fracture.

Doctor Haakima says that observing hygiene of the teeth could be very useful. Using the toothbrush and paste three times daily, keeps teeth healthy.