diabetes in Children

 Written by: Wahida Sabir

Diabetes is a disease that affects people of different ages. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. In type 1 diabetes, the body's immune system destroys the cells that release insulin and it is common in children.

Type 2 diabetes could develop at any age. It most commonly becomes apparent during adulthood.

Writer/producer AEPO has talked about type 1 diabetes to patients and a doctor in Child health Hospital in Kabul city.

Najibullah, a resident of Parwan province says: my throat dries, I drink more water and urinate so many times. I feel asthma and have pain in my chest. When I came to the hospital, they diagnosed my disease as diabetes.

Shamsulhaq is a resident of Qarabagh, district of Kabul province says: while I was 8 years old, I got diabetes. I always feel thirsty. I lost my weight. I have Headache and body ache. My feet wounded and could not be cured easily.

Doctor Zubaida, a pediatrician at diabetes branch of Child Health Hospital says:

As the diabetes child drinks more water and goes more to the toilet, their parents think it ordinary water drinking. This process would continue about two or three months. The child breathing increases and he/she would suffer from stomachache and vomiting, if not treated on time, it might affect the kidneys and heart and might cause atherosclerosis. In this case, the wounds might not be cured easily.

Some diabetes patients control their diabetes by eating more vegetables and prevent eating sugarcane, butter, animal fat and energy drinks.

Sometimes the diabetes of a patient comes down Physician advises the diabetes patients to exercise regularly and eat smaller portions of food up to 6 times per day to control their diabetes.