Castle of Thousand Windows is a magical castle, where the joker, Lalo Mama, opens different magical windows for guests (always teenagers). Each window has different information.

In this program, Hasina and Farhad have come to the castle. Hasina said that her cousin, Zarghona goes to Ashiana. Lalo Mama arrived and Farhad asked him about Ashiana.

Lalo Mama opens a window about it.  There is a special reporter of the Castle explains the Asiana . He said that the main office of Ashiana is in Kabul and was established about 21 years ago for street children, orphans and destitute and has branches in Khost, Mazar, Heart and Paktia provinces.

Nowadays, Ashiana trains about 5000 children, 500 of them are in Kabul. They train children to learn sports, professional works, health and arts.  After two years of learning, they introduce chlidren to a governmental school.

Hasina asked  Lalo Mama to open another window about the biggest dog in the world. He opens the window.

The reporter of the castle gives the following information about the dog:

Giant George was the Guinness Book of World Records Tallest dog from 2010 – 2012.  George passed away in 2013 and lived to be almost eight years old. He had 111 kilograms weight, 109 cm height and 220 cm length. George had been eating about 50 kilogram foods a month.