Scaring Children and Psychological Problem


Written by: Mohammad Nasir Sirat

Some people in Afghanistan frighten their children and this might cause the children to face various psychological problems because children are more susceptible to these problems.

Zenab, a resident of Kabul city is a child who says:  My father told me that I should not go to the toilet alone because there is a Jen in the toilet. Now I could not go to the toilet alone during the night.

A girl, Khalida Bakhtani says: when I was a child, I was very naughty. My grandmother told me, if you are kidding, a devil would come and would take you with itself. Now I am a young girl but still, I am afraid of the devil. 

Doctor Nik Mohammad, a psychiatrist in of the hospital in Kabul city says:

some parents scare their children from Jen, pets, and darkness. These children would lose their self-confidence and would not trust in other people too. they would face some psychological problem. They might always afraid of darkness and pets and would face insomnia. Their memory would not work properly and nor learn their school lessons easily. They might not be able to talk in front of a group of people and at the result, they would grow up reckless and aggressive and would face psychological illnesses.

The parents should go with their children to the dark places and persuade them that there is no Jen or devil in dark places and acquaint them with pets too.