Written by: Wahida Sabir

Giardiasis is a disease that could affect children and adults, but due to different factors, children are more likely to develop the disease. According to the information provided by the laboratory section of Indira Gandhi Child Health Hospital in Kabul city, about 50 children, infected by Giardiasis virus are being brought to this hospital every week for treatment.

The writer/producer AEPO has talked to some patients and a physician in the above-mentioned hospital about this disease.

Madina, a child from Qarabagh, district of Kabul province says: I have a bad stomach ache and that could not walk well.

Some children say that they have vomiting and fever too.

A pediatrician, doctor Sayed Abdullah Sadat, says:

Giardiasis is mostly caused by drinking contaminated water and eating unwashed vegetables and fruits. Vomiting, anorexia, continuous and periodic diarrhea is the most common symptoms of Giardiasis. Those, who have continuous diarrhea, and do not treat on time, might lose their weight and face malnutrition.

If children wash their hands after going to the toilet and before eating food, wash fruits and vegetables with salted or chlorinated water; drink boiled water, and pay attention to the cleanliness of the environment, might help to avoid Giardiasis.