Bedside Lamps

Written by:Yama Rahi

There are many companies and factories working in different sectors in Afghanistan. Each producer wants to have more customers for getting more benefit.  Writer/producer AEPO has talked to Ali, the owner of a bedside lamps factory in Kabul city.

Ali says: we Started producing beside lamps about four years ago. At the beginning, we faced some problems due to the lack of necessary materials in the Afghan market. Now we import colorless plastic glass from abroad and prepare the remaining items inside the country.

We produce two kinds of bedside lamps: pre-decorated lamp, costs about 1200-1600 Afghanis and decorated lamp, with a picture of the customer, costs 2500 Afghanis.

 In the second type, we print the customer's feature and other photos by computer and engraving machine. In the decorated lamp, the image is shown by the lights of the lamp.

The engraving is done by the order of our customers and we engrave about 50-60 beside lamps monthly and improve our work time by time.