Year: 30 Week: 11

Episode: 4510      

Scene: 22231

Rahim blames Karim for using a gas heater at home that caused Momina’s poisoning.

Shahperai also blames Karim for his stubbornness.

 Scene: 22232

Ghafar says to Rahimdad that his daughter Zenab has started to walk but she falls.

Rahimdad suggests buying her a baby walker.

Scene: 22233

Rahim, Samandar, and Lalbaz are in the village council office.

Lalbaz asks Rahim why he was invited to the village council office.

Rahim replies that some of the villagers do not let their daughters to school.

Samandar says that they should convince them to let their daughters to school.

Scene: 22234

Shahperai is crying and worries that Momina might die.

Sarwar Khan wants her to be patient and pray for Momina to get her health back.

Episode: 4511

Scene: 22235

Ghafar goes to Majid’s carpentry shop and asks him for a baby walker.

Ghafar gives him a red baby walker and says that children are more drawn toward bright colors.

Scene: 22236

Karim is worried about Momina's increasing shortness of breath.

Gul Khan assures him that they will reach the clinic soon.

 Scene: 22237

Samandar goes to Akbar’s house and wants Samargul to tell Jandad to come to the village council office.

Samargul promises to reach his message to Jandad.

Scene: 22238

Gul Khan takes Momina to the clinic and says to the doctor that Momina was poisoned by the heater gas.

The doctor says that such cases have increased in recent days.

Episode: 4512

Scene: 22239

Rabiagul asks Karim about Momina’s health.

Karim replies that she is still unconscious.

Rabiagul blames Karim for buying gas heaters.

Scene: 22240

Samargul conveys Samandar’s message to Jandad.

Jandad promises to go to the village council office after he closes his shop.

Scene: 22241

Fatih Khan asks Gul Khan why he came late home.

Gul Khan replies that Karim’s daughter was poisoned with gas and he took her to the clinic.

Scene: 22242

Jandad goes to the village council. Samandar wants him to let her daughter, Zarghona go to school.

Jandad says that he let her to study in tuition.