Year: 30 Week: 09

Episode: 4504

Scene: 22207

Jandad looks upset. Samargul asks about the cause. Jandad replies that Fatima does treat him well.

Scene: 22208

Samandar and Akbar ask mullah if he could determine the time of collective work.

Mullah replies that as the weather is cold, we decided to postpone the collective work.

Scene: 22209

 Palwasha visits Gulmkai near the spring and asks her why she did not come to collect water from the spring. Gulmakai replies that her daughter Zenab is suffering from pus in the urine.

Scene: 22210

Samargul asks Fatima to change her behavior with Jandad, but Fatima ties this issue by allowing Zarghona to study with Mahjabin.

Part: 4505

Scene: 22211

Ghafar tells Gulmkai that Zenab wants to eat by herself.

Gulmakai stops him and says that she might get her clothes dirty.

Scene: 22212

Samargol calls Jandad and suggests he let Zarghona study.

Jandad gets angry and asks Samargul not to interfere in his household affairs.

Scene: 22213

Ghafar says to Karim that he uses a gas heater at home.

Karim suggests he be careful in using the gas heater.

Scene: 22214

Jandad asks Omid why Zarghona and Fatima don't want to have lunch with them.

Omid replies that they eat lunch in the kitchen.

 Episode: 4506

Scene: 22216

 Rahim suggests to Rabiagul that if the weather is not so cold, it is better not to burn the gas heater.

Rabiagul says that she cannot stand the cold.

Scene: 22217

Samargul suggests Jandad let Zarghona study in tuition and not darken the atmosphere of your house.

Jandad replies that he will think about it.

Scene: 22218

Rabiagul asks Shahperai to go to her room.

Shahperai wants Karim to take care of the water on the gas heater.

Scene: 22219

Jandad allows Zarghona to go to the tuition.

Fatima gets happy and thanks Jandad for this decision.