Year: 30 Week: 08

Episode: 4501

Scene: 22195

Rahimdad takes his drum and Adam Khan visits him in the market. Adam Khan asks if he is going to the wedding party.

Rahimdad replies no and adds that he wants to make people aware of collective work.

Scene: 22196

Karim has filled the gas cylinder. Rahim asks about the need for it.

Karim replies that he has bought a gas heater for his living room.

Rahim prevents him using gas heaters in the room.

Scene: 22197

Ghafar asks the doctor about the results of Zenab's laboratory tests.

The doctor replies that Zenab is suffering from urinary pus due to not changing her diaper on time.

Scene: 22198

Gulalai asks Rabiagul why she uses a gas heater to heat the room.

Rabiagul replies that a gas heater is easy to use and costs less.

Gulalai suggests her to want Karim keep the gas cylinder outside the room.

Part: 4502

Scene: 22199

Fatima tells Jandad that Mahjabin told her that she teaches the girls for free, but Jandad doesn’t like Zarghona to go to Nazir’s house for learning.

Stage: 22200

Gulmakai accepts her mistake of not paying attention to Zanab's health.

Ghafar becomes happy that Gulmakai pays attention to Zanab's health afterward.

Scene: 22201

Gulalai looks unhappy. Sarwar Khan asks about the cause. Gulalai replies that Karim and Rabiagul use gas heaters in their rooms, which are not safe.

Fatima is angry. Jandad asks about her anger. Fatima replies that no one listens to her opinion. Jandad replies that he does not have time to listen to her opinion.

Part: 4503

Scene: 22203

Rahimdad wants to prepare the drum to inform the villagers about the collective work.

Samandar wants him to get ready soon.

Scene: 22204

Karim asks Shahperai why she didn't burn the gas heater.

Shahperai replies that Gulalai informed her about the dangers of gas heaters.

Scene: 22205

Zarghona asks Fatima why her father does not allow her to go to study with Mahjabin.

Fatima assures her that she will convince him to let her go for study.

Scene: 22206

Sarwar Khan looks confused. Rahimdad asks the reason. Sarwar Khan replies that Karim bought two gas heaters, one for Rabiagul and the other for his room, which is dangerous to use in the room.

Rahimdad accuses Nazir of persuading some people to buy a gas heater from Purdil’s shop.