Year: 30 Week: 07

Episode: 4498

Scene: 22183

Nazir wants Purdil to lend him a gas heater and adds that he will pay for it later.

Purdil accepts and wants Nazir to encourage others to buy gas heaters from Purdil's shop.

Scene: 22184

Gulmakai complains to Gulalai about Zainab's discomfort.

Gulalai suggests to take her to the clinic.

Scene: 22184

Mahjabin asks Nazir why he takes tuition fees.

Nazir replies that because he tolerates the children's noise in his house, he has to ask for the fees.

Stage: 22185

Samandar wants Rahimdad to inform the villagers to participate in the collective work. Rahimdad agrees.

Episode: 4499

Scene: 22186

Lalbaz carries firewood. Nazir meets and wants him to return the firewood and buy a gas heater from Purdil's shop.

Scene: 22187
Ghafar and Gulmakai take Zanab to the clinic. Ghafar asks Golmkai about the disease of Zenab.
Gulmkai replies that her disease would be diagnosed after finding a laboratory test.

Stage: 22188
Nazir goes to Jandad's shop and wants him to send Zarghina to tuition again, and he promises that he will never ask for a fee.
Jandad says he will never let Zarghona to the tuition.

Stage: 22189
Pourdil pays back Karim's loan. Karim thanks him and says that he wants to buy firewood.
Purdil suggests him to buy a gas heater from his shop instead of firewood-stove.

Part: 4500

Stage: 22190
Ghafar brings a gas heater. Gulmakai asks him why he didn't buy firewood-heater.
Ghafar replies that a gas heater is cheap and easy to use.

Scene: 22191
Mahjabin wants Fatima to send Zarghona back to tuition and she will never ask fees. Fatima promises to convince Jandad to let Zarghona go to the tuition.

Scene: 22192

Rahimdad wants Allahdad for some money to repair the drum.

Allahdad asks about the need for drums. Rahimdad answers that the villagers have decided to build water reservoirs for rainwater on the hillside and he wants to inform the villagers about the collective work.

 Allahdad gives him some money and wants him to inform him to participate in the collective work. Scene: 22193

Rabiagul tells Nasim that Karim bought a gas heater for her room and wants Nasim to buy LPG gas for the heater. Nasim accepts.