Facilities for Graduates

Written by: Hesamuddin Hamdard

During last decade, many private universities and institutions have a significant activity along with public universities. Every year, thousands of students graduate from these universities. Most of the graduates celebrate their graduation.

Some entities prepare the necessities of graduation ceremonies and gain some income from their works.

Writer/producer AEPO has talked to Abid Afghan, Chief of a Cultural Service Committee for Graduates.

Abid Afghan says:

Our facilities include a sound system, a hall, a printing, and design section of the uniform of graduates. We inform graduates about our facilities through advertising. We have achieved our goal 50% yet.

Income from Knowledge:

Jamshid is an instructor of a course of sciences and Kankor preparation in Kabul city. He says to the writer/producer AEPO: I started work 11 years back. Now we teach students in four main ways:

1: directly through the science center.

2: Students could follow the course through DVDs, even in distant provinces and those who are not allowed to participate in the course.

3: We have prepared a handbook. Students could study it at home or wherever they want.

4:  We broadcast the daily lessons from a television.

Our monthly expenses reach up to 100 thousand Afghanis but our monthly income is more than that.

My life is better than before. Now I owned a private house and a car from the profit of the course.