Year: 30 Week: 05

Episode: 4492

Scene: 22159

Abida suggests that if Mahjabin teaches school girls at home.

Mahjabin says that she would talk to Nazir about this issue.

Scene: 22160

Hamida says to Nargis that she is afraid that spring water might dry up again.

Nargis assures her that the elders of the villages have decided to make reservoirs and adds that this would help the spring water not to be dried up.

Scene: 22161

Nazanin discusses the issue of the education of village girls with Nazir.

Nazir allows her to teach them.

Stage: 22162

Golmakai shouts at Zenab not to put the contaminated object in her mouth.

Shahperai prevents her from shouting and getting angry at the babies.

Episode: 4493

Scene: 22163

Abida informs Fatima that Mahjabin teaches schoolgirls at her house.

Fatima becomes happy and wants to tell about this good news to Zarghons as well.

Ghafar takes Zenab to his shop and tells Rahim that Zaneb is very mischievous. Rahim suggests buying toys for her

Scene: 22165

 Zarghona goes to Nazir's house and asks Mahjabin about the fee for the class.

Mahjabin replies that she has decided to teach the girls for free.

 Scene: 22167

 Karim wants Nasim not to go to his shop for this day. Nasim asks about the cause. Karim replies that the villagers decided to make reservoirs for rainwater and he wants Nasim to participate in the collective work.

Episode: 4494

Scene: 22168

Zarghona looks happy. Jandad asks about the cause of her happiness. Zarghona replies that Mahajbin has opened a class in her house and wants to teach schoolgirls.

Fatima wants Jandad to allow Zarghona to study in the same class. Jandad accepts.

 Scene1 : 22169

 Ahmad collects picks and shovels at home. Sarwar Khan asks him about the need for these tools. Ahmad replies that the villagers decided to make rainwater reservoirs. Sarwar Khan wants him to participate in collective work.

 Scene: 22170

Gulmakai asks Abida why Zenab is calm in Abida's arms but cries with her. Abida replies that she is caressing her.

 Scene: 22171

Nazir wants Ghafar to pay the class fees for Zarghona otherwise he will not allow her to attend the class.

Jandad replies that he will not pay her tuition fees.