Year: 30- Week: 03

Episode: 4486

Scene: 22135

Fatima says Jandad that Zarghona has been crying ever since he forbade her from going to school.

Jandad strongly wants Fatima not mention the name of the school afterward.

Scene: 22136

Gulmakai wants Ghafar to change his clothes.

Ghafar asks the reason. Gulmakai replies that he should be presented in the Masjid to listen to Friday prayers sermon.

Scene: 22137

Aqila visits shams on the way to school and asks that Zarghona doesn’t accompany him.

Omid replies that his father prevents her from study.

Aqila blames Jandad for his this decision.

Scene: 22138

Adam Khan says to Rahim that he delivered the ancient artifacts to the village council’s office.

Rahim thanks Adam Khan and promises to take them to the district office for keeping safe.

Episode: 4487

Scene: 22139

Adam Khan shares the issue of handing over ancient artifacts to the village council office with Dilbaro and adds that he is afraid his scandal.

Dilbaro assures him that the village council office would never reveal his secret.

Scene: 22140

Aqila looks upset. Rahim asks about the cause.

Aqila replies that Jandad prevented Zarghona from going to school.

Scene: 22141

Ahmad asks about the cause of Sarwar Khan’s illness.

 Sarwar Khan replies that his illness was due to drinking contaminated water.

Ahmad says that due to the digging off deep well, the level of safe drinking water has decreased.

Scene: 22142

Rahim says to Jandad that Zarghona is a clever students and he suggests Jandad to let her to study.

Jandad replies that she is young enough and he will never let her to go to school.


Scene: 22143

Jandad is angry and wants to slap Zarghona for telling Rahim about preventing her from going to school.
Fatima stops him from slapping her and says that violence against children has bad consequences.

Scene: 22144

Mullah says in Friday sermon that some people dress their daughters as boys to compensate for the lack of sons, which hurts their daughters and confuses them about their identity.
Rahim confirms and says that the daughter is Allah's blessing and we should thank Thy for giving us a child.
 Scene: 22145

Zarghona draws water from the spring but suddenly the pitcher drops from her shoulder and breaks.

Palwasha asks that why she looks upset.

Zarghona replies that when her father prevented her from going to school, she feels sad.

Scene: 22146

Majid is angry and comes home. Shazia asks about his anger. Majid replies that the workers have grabbed his collar and wanted their wages.