Year: 30 Week: 01

Episode: 4480

Scene: 22121

Fatima says that they do not hear the sound of digging the hillside valley in recent nights.

Shahperai says that Rahim and some other members of the village council try to find the perpetrators who dig the hillside valley illegally.

Scene: 22122

Rahim asks Ghafar how Zenab is.

Ghafar prevents him from calling her Zenab and wants Rahim to call her Zainuddin.

Rahim wants him not to be so cruel to his daughter.

Scene: 22123
Gul Khan says to Mullah if they do not prevent the unnecessary consumption of deep wells, the spring will dry up soon.
Mullah promises that he would talk to the owners of the deep wells.

Scene: 22124

Samandar blames Adam Khan for the illegal digging of the hillside valley.

Adam Khan gets angry and says that he could not accept any claim without evidences.

Episode: 4481

 Scene: 22125

Mullah suggests Sarwar Khan not waste deep well water, otherwise, the spring will dry up soon.

Sarwar Khan doesn’t accept and says that some other landowners also have deep well too.

Rahim says that digging deep well causes the level of underground water to drop more.
Scene: 22126

Abida wishes to see Zenab in girl’s clothes one day.

Ghafar says that she will never achieve her wish.

Scene: 22127
Adam Khan says to Fatih Khan and Majid that their plan of excavating the hillside valley is revealed.
Fatih Khan warns him not to mention his and Majid’s name as his shareholders.

Scene: 22128

Sarwar Khan looks angry and says to Gulalai that Mullah and Rahim suggested preventing unnecessary usage of deep well water.

Gulalai confirms what Mullah and Rahim said and adds that the water of spring is reduced these days.

Episode: 4483

Scene: 22129

Adam Khan says to Dilbaro that Majid has revealed the secret of digging the hillside valley to the village council.

Dilbaro suggests that he should take the ancient monuments to the village council.

Scene: 22130

In the village council, Abida says that the village women complain about the lack of water in the spring.

Rahim says that they talked to Sarwar Khan but he doesn’t want to close the deep well.

Mullah says that he will talk to Sarwar Khan and other deep well owners to reduce their water consumption.

Scene: 22131

Adam Khan calls Purdil and asks him about Jalal.

Purdil replies that he has no responsibility to summon Jalal.

Scene: 22132

Mahjabin wants Gulalai to talk to Sarwar Khan to prevent the waste of deep well water.

Gulalai says that Sarwar Khan doesn’t listen to her in this issue.