Year: 29 Week: 52

Episode: 4477

Scene: 22109

Nasim is angry and says to Akbar that he would inform the villagers that lower villagers have blocked his way to the bazaar.

Akbar prevents him and promises to solve the problem peacefully.

Scene: 22110

Gul Khan wants Samandar to gather information from Majid about the illegal digging of the hillside valley.

Samandar promises to do this job.

Scene: 22111

Gulmakai asks Abida if she told Ghafar to stop wearing boy clothes to Zenab.

Abida replies no and adds that she wishes that Ghafar will change his mind.

Scene: 22112

Fateh Khan says that if the lower villagers do not show their strength to the upper villagers, they may not let the water reach the lower village.

Samandar does not accept this solution and suggests that they should find the cause of this issue first.

Episode: 4478

Scene: 22113

Ghafar wants Ahmad to call his daughter boy.

Ahmad suggests he should pay attention to her education instead of changing her gender.

Scene: 22114

Samanadar asks Majid about Jalal (the smuggler).

Majid replies that he does not have any information about him.

Scene: 22115     

Fatima asks Gulmakai why she doesn’t take water from the spring in recent days.

Gulmakai replies that she takes care of her daughter, Zenab and she blames Ghafar for dressing Zenab in boy’s clothes.

Scene: 22116

Majid says to Adam Khan that Samandar is suspicious of them.

Adam suggests carefulness and wants him to inform Fatih Khan of the issue.

Episode: 4479

Scene: 22117

Samandar discusses the blockage of the water pipe in the lower village with Mullah.

Mullah promises to investigate the issue.

Scene: 22118

Ghafar angrily asks Gulmakai why she told the whole villagers about wearing a boy's dress to Zenab.

Gulmakai replies that this is not a small issue and wants Ghafar to think again about his decision.

Scene: 22119

Mullah asks the villagers who cut the pipe of water of the lower village.

Rahimdad says that he saw Karim cutting the pipe.

Karim says that he cut the pipe due to the lack of water in the spring.

Scene: 22120

Rahim wants Samandar to summon Adam Khan to the village council as he summoned Majid.

Samandar accepts his suggestion.