Year: 29 Week: 50

Episode: 4471

Scene: 22085

Gulalai asks Sarwar Khan about the digging of the deep well.

Sarwar Khan replies that the deep well digging is finished and he installed some solar panels to use for the water pump.

Scene: 22086

Abida asks Ghafar why he dressed Zenab in a girl's dress.

Ghafar replies that he prefers a boy to a girl and wants Abida to call her Zainuddin afterward.

Scene: 22087

Naseem looks confused. Samiullah asks about the cause of his confusion.

Naseem replies that he saw a big smuggler of ancient artifacts in front of Purdil’s shop and he adds that he is convinced that something is definitely going on behind the scenes.

Scene: 22088

Nazir is in a hurry. Rahimdad stops him and asks why he is in a hurry. Nazir replies that he wants to irrigate Sarwar Khan's upper land.

 Rahimdad says that water may not reach the mentioned land. Nazir says that Sarwar Khan installed solar panels for this purpose.

Episode: 4472

Scene: 22089

Ahmad worries that the water of the deep well is waisting. Sarwar Khan rejects it and says that he is not paying for the water.

Scene: 22090

Rahimdad says to Samandar that he saw some unknown people with Majid at night.

Samandar thinks that they might be the people who dig the hillside valley.

Scene: 22091

Karim wants a glass of water for drinking. Shahperai says that the water of the spring is reduced and was not able to take water. She wants Karim to find the cause of reducing of the spring water.

Karim asks Shahperai for a glass of water to drink. Shahperai says that the water in the spring has decreased and she was not able to take water home. She asks Karim to find the cause of the decrease in spring water.

Scene: 22092

Samiullah calls Naseem and asks him if he found any information about the smuggler.

Naseem replies that he has noticed that Adam Khan often goes to Purdil’s shop.

Episode: 4473

Scene: 22093

Abida asks Gulmakai that why Ghafar dresses Zenab as a boy.

Gulmakai replies that she doesn’t know about the cause of it.

Scene: 22094

Karim cleans mud and other objects from the spring. Rahimdad comes and after greeting him, he asks Karim if he cleans the spring to get paid. Karim refuses and says that he voluntarily cleans the spring.

Scene: 22095

Naseem asks Purdil what Jalal was doing in his shop.

Purdil replies that Jalal is dealing with Adam Khan, not with me.

Scene: 22096

Hamida takes the empty bucket home. Nargis visits her asking why she didn't get water from the hand pump. Hamida answers that the hand pump is dried out.