Year: 29 Week: 49

Episode: 4468

Scene: 22073

Mahjabin looks happy. Gulalai asks the cause for his happiness.

Mahjabin replies that Sarwar Khan has hired him on a job.

Scene: 22074

Ghafar gives a pair of boy's clothes to Gulmakai and wants her to dress Zenab in boy's clothes afterward.

Gulmakai rejects his suggestion and wants Ghafar to return the dress and replace it with a girl's dress.

Scene: 22075

Nazir informs Sarwar Khan about finding someone to dig a deep well.

Sarwar Khan thanks him and wants him to start digging the deep well as soon as possible.

Scene: 22076

Purdil says to Nasim that he needs the contact number the person with whom you had signed a contract for selling shoes.

Nasim replies that person name is Jalal and he a big smuggler of ancient artifacts.

Episode: 4469

Scene: 22077

Purdil says to Adam Khan that the smuggler of ancient monuments wants the pictures of ancient artifacts.

Adam Khan promises to prepare the picture for him.

 Scene: 22078

Nazir asks Sarwar Khan why he doesn't irrigate the land with stream water.

Sarwar Khan replies that the stream is lower than the land therefore he should dig a deep well.

Scene: 22079

Adam Khan buys a smartphone but doesn't know how to take pictures with it.

He asks Samiullah to teach him how to use a mobile camera. Samiullah accepts.

Scene: 22080

Palwasha and Aqila take water from the spring. Palwasha complains that the water of spring is reducing day by day.

Aqila confirm and worries if the spring dries up what they will do.

Episode: 4470

Scene: 22081

Nazir says to Sarwar Khan that digging deep well is over.
Sarwar Khan becomes happy and says that he will go to the market to buy solar panels and a water pump.

Scene: 22082

Gulmakai asks Ghafar to take care of Zenab so that she can get water from the spring.

 Ghafar refuses and says until she doesn’t dress Zenab in boy's clothes; he will not take care of her.

Scene: 22083

Adam Khan says to Fatih Khan that he has to send some pictures of ancient artifacts.

Fatih Khan gets happy and wants Adam Khan to prepare the pictures as soon as he can.

Scene: 22084

Samargul dries Jandad’s attention to the solar panels that Sarwar Khan carries.

Jandad wonders that why Sarwar Khan has bought so many solar panels.