Damage to the Spine


    Written by: Wahida Sabir

The role of the spine is the support of the whole body, the ability to bend and rotate in all directions, as well as the vital structures of the body, such as the nerves and the spinal cord. The spine could be damaged by various factors. One of these factors is the neglect during sport.

What problems would the athletes suffer from spinal cord injury?

Bilal, a resident of Kabul city says to the writer/producer AEPO:

At the beginning, I felt a pain in my cervical spine and then my right side of the body became numb and now I feel pain in my arms and back areas.

How could an athlete feel that his spinal cords are damaged?

Doctor Emal Wardak, an orthopedist at Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital in Kabul city says:

If the lumbar area of an athlete is damaged, he/she would feel pain on his/her feet and could not be able to move them easily. If the neck is damaged, the sudden pain would occur in the hands, and if the athlete could not move his/her nick around, his/her spine might be damaged. Performing heavy sports as Judo, karate, athletic and so on before exercise and without any instructor, cause spine damages.

First Aids:

Fasten the patient’s spine with a cloth. Do not let his/her head or neck to move around and transfer the patient to a hospital in a sleeping mood for treatment.