Year: 29 Week: 47

Episode: 4462

Scene: 22049 

Rahimdad wants Nazir to leave his house. Nazir asks about the cause. Rahimdad replies that if Karim finds out that I hid you in my house; he might argue with me.

Scene: 22050

Dilbaro says to Shazia that she decided to take the antiques to the village council.

Shazia suggests making Adam Khan take the antiques to the village council himself.      

Scene: 22051

Rabiagul says to Shahperai that she blamed Mahjabin that why she does not guide Nazir in the right way.

Shahperai says that Nazir does not accept what Mahjabin wants.

Scene: 22052

Faith Khan suggests Adam Khan if he sell the ancient monuments.

Adam Khan wants him to be careful in selling these items.

Episode: 4463

Scene: 22053

Dilbaro asks Nargis that what will happen if someone sells ancient monuments?

Nargis replies that the government would arrest him and send him to jail.
Scene: 22054

Mahjabin is sad and says to Palwasha that Nazir is missing from home and his mobile phone is also off.

Palwasha promises that she will share the issue with Ahmad to find Nazir.

Scene: 22055

Rabiagal says to Golmakai that if she dresses Zenab in boy's clothes; she will give birth to a boy next time. Golmakai refuses and says that there is no difference between a boy and a girl for her.

Scene: 22056

Nazir says to Purdil that his best friend, Rahimdad did not him to live at his home more than a night.

Pudil says that Rahimdad is him enemy not a friend.

Episode: 4464

Scene: 22057

Palwasha says to Ahmad that Nazer has been angry at home for a few days,

 Ahmad promises that he will ask Rahimdad about him and will take Nazir back home.

Scene: 22058

Gulmakai says to Ghafar that Rabiagul wants her to dress Zenab in boys’ clothes.

Ghafar confirms Rabiagul suggestion and adds she is an experienced woman.

Scene: 22059

Mahjabin complains about Rabiagul to Shahparai, who blames her for Nazir's bad behavior with Karim.

Shahperai blames Rabiagul for her bad manner.

Scene: 22060

Dilbaro wants Adam Khan to take the ancient monuments out of the home and put them in front of the village council gate.

Adam Khan rejects her suggestion and wants her not to tell anything about this issue.