Year: 29 Week: 42

Episode: 4456
Scene: 22025

Rabiagul looks sad. Aqila asks about the cause.

Rabiagul replies that Naseem’s leaving the home at night disturbs her.

Scene: 22026

Ghafar wants to remove the blanket from Zenab’s cradle.
Gulmakai prevents him but Ghafar rejects it and says that it’s not good to cover the child too much in pneumonia.

Scene: 22027

Karim grabs Nazir's collar and wants to beat him.
Nazir cries and asks for help, but Karim warns him that he will not let him live.
Ahmad comes and wants Karim to let Nazir go.

Scene: 22028

Rahim says to Sarwar Khan that the youths could not arrest the workers who are digging the hillside valley.
Sarwar Khan promises to increase the number of youths for this purpose.

Episode: 4457
Scene: 22028

Karim is angry and tells Rabiagul that he wanted to take revenge on Nazir but Ahmad stopped him. Rabiagul says that she would to go to Nazir's house and teach him a good lesson.

Scene: 22029

It is midnight; Naseem, Qambargul, and some other youths go to the mountainside and hide behind a big rock. Qambargul is worried that someone might have informed the workers about our arrival. Naseem assures him that all youths are trustworthy.

Scene: 22030

Shams is sitting on his bed. He happily tells to Ghotai that he hears the sound of his sheep's bell. Lalbaz confirms and says that his sheep is alive and will return.

Scene: 22031

Adam Khan tells Majid that he thinks someone is coming towards them and wants to inform the workers.
Majid suggests escaping.

Episode: 4458
Scene: 22032

Ahmad and Naseem say to Mullah that the workers ran away and they could not capture them.
Mullah asks about the cause.
Ahmad replies that one of them heard their footsteps.

Scene: 22033

Rabiagul goes to Nazir's house and asks Mahjabin to hand over Nazir to her.
Mahjabin says Nazir is not at home and promises to inform him.

Scene: 22033

Sarwar Khan, Mullah, and Samandar gather in the office of the village council.
Mullah says that the youths could not capture the workers.
Samandar asks the reason. Mullah replies that the workers had heard the footsteps of the youths.

Scene: 22034

Golmakai worries and says to Ghafar that Zenab's cough is increasing.
Ghafar promises to take her to the doctor.