Year: 29 Week: 41

Episode: 4453

Scene: 22013

Ghotai prepared breakfast for Shams, but Shams refused. Ghotai asked the reason. Shams replied that some of his classmates make fun of him.

Scene: 22014

Golmakai informed Ghafar about Zenab’s cough.

Ghaffar suggested covering her with warm clothes.

Scene: 22015

Nazir got angry and asked Mahjabin who took his slingshot from under his pillow.

Mahjabin replied that she had taken it and would not give it back to him.

Scene: 22016

Shazia asked her mother, Dilbaro whether she opened Adam Khan's suitcase or not.

Dilbaro replied yes, and added that she found a small box and a clay pot in it.

Episode: 4454

Scene: 22017

Zarghona saw Shams in the wheelchair in schoolyard and she mocked him and said to Omid that Shams is disabled.

Omid confirmed his disability and prevented Zarghona from mocking Shams.

Scene: 22018

Pudil wanted Nazir to quit taking revenge on Nazir but he rejected his suggestion.

 Scene: 22019

The doctor wanted Rahim to prevent students from mocking Shams.

Rahim promised that he would talk to them about this issue.

Scene: 22020

Samandar informed Akbar that the elders of upper and Sarband villages decided to increase the number of youths to capture the unknown people digging hillside valley.

Akbar promised to prepare the youths of his village.

Episode: 4455

Scene: 22021

Ghotai said to Lalbaz that it would be better if she talked to the mothers of the village boys to not bother Shams anymore.

Lalbaz prevented her from going and said that he would accompany Shams outside the home.

Scene: 22022

Ghafar complained to Rahim about Zenab coughing.

Rahim suggested taking her to the doctor.

Scene: 22023

Nazir took a piece of cloth from Jandad and wrapped his slingshot in it.

Jandad asked the cause of wrapping the slingshot in cloth.

Nazir replied that he tightened his lingshot to hit his enemy with it.

Scene: 22024

Lalbaz said to Ghotai that Shams always remembers his dead sheep.

Ghotai said that she would give some money to Jandad to buy a same sheep for Shams.