Year: 29 Week: 40

Episode: 4450

Scene: 22001

Lalbaz got angry and told Shams why he even couldn't stop his saliva.

Ghotai wanted him not to break Shams' heart by saying unfair words.

Scene: 22002

Golmakai was talking to her baby, Zenab while she was breastfeeding her.

Abida saw her and got happy to see Golmkai's pity for her baby.

Scene: 22003

Gulalai wanted Mahjabin to prevent Nazir from joking with Karim otherwise Karim might beat Nazir.

Mahjabin promised to talk to him about this issue.

Scene: 22004

Lalbaz took Shams to the psychiatrist of the provincial hospital.

Shams said to the psychiatrist that he is suffering from his illness and his classmates always mock him.

The doctor convinced him that a handicap is not a disability.

Episode: 4451

Scene: 22005

Naseem, Mullah, Samandar, and some other members of the village council were in the office of the village council.

Naseem said that he, Qambargul, and some other youths of the village saw that some people were digging in the hillside valley.

Samandar wanted Mullah to prepare a plan for arresting the people who are digging the hillside valley.

Scene: 22006

The psychiatrist suggested Lalbaz have good behavior with Shams.

Lalbaz promised to change his behavior with Shams afterward.

Scene: 22007

Mahjabin wanted Nazir to not bother Karim anymore.
Nazir said that he would not stop bothering Karim.

Scene: 22008

The doctor suggested Mullah to preach villagers to not bother those who are suffering from the disability.

Mullah promised to talk about this issue after the prayers.

Episode: 4452

Scene: 22009

Mullah wanted the villagers to good to behave like those who are suffering from disabilities.

Jandad thanked Mullah for his contribution to this issue.

Scene: 22010

Gulmakai caught the attention of Ghafar to Zenab and she was happy to listen to the sound of the rattle.

Ghafar got angry and wanted Gulmakai to make the sound of the rattle.

Scene: 22011

Nazir had a slingshot and hid behind a big tree.

Rahimdad asked about the cause.

Nazir replied that he wants to take revenge on someone.

Scene: 22012

Shams went to his class. Rahim wanted the student to help Shams in school lessons.

Omid promised to help Shams.