Year: 29 Week: 39

Episode: 4447

Scene: 21989

Lalbaz worried and said to his wife, Ghotai the Shams might remain handicapped forever.

Ghotai denied and wanted Lalbaz to share the issue of Shams with Gul Khan.

Scene: 21990

Gulmakai was feeding her baby, Zenab when she was cooking food.

Abida suggested she sit and feed her baby.

Scene: 21991

Lalbaz shared the issue of Sham's illness with Gul Khan.

Gul Khan suggested taking Shams to the psychiatrist at the clinic.

 Scene: 21992

Dilbaro opened Adam Khan’s suitcase and saw an old small box and pot. She asked adam Khan about them.

Adam Khan got angry and told Dilbaro to not interfere in his private affairs.

Episode: 4448

Scene: 21993

Lalbaz said to Ghotai that Gul Khan suggested he take Shams to the provincial hospital and show him to the psychiatrist.

Ghotai thanked Gul Khan for his good suggestion but Lalbaz said that he doesn’t have enough money for Shams’ treatment.

Ghotai wanted him not to think about the money.

Scene: 21994

Karim visited Gulalai and complained to her that Nazir has pushed him into a stream and now he wants to take his revenge on him.

Gulalai wanted him to forgive Nazir for her sake.

Scene: 21995

It was midnight and Nasim said to his mother Rabiagul that he wanted to go to his friend’s house but Rabiagul did not allow him.

Rahim wanted Rabiagul to let Nasim go.

Scene: 21996

Shams cried and Said to Ghotai that he has missed his black and white sheep that died in the mine explosion.

Ghotai convinced him that his sheep might be alive and one day it will come back home.

Episode: 4449

Scene: 21997

Fatima called Ghotai and said to her that Jandad has sold the felts she has given to him.

Ghotai became happy and said that she would spend the money for Shams’ treatment.

Scene: 21998

Gulmakai said to Zarmena that Abida suggested feeding her baby in a sitting position and wanted her to caress Zainab.

Zarmina confirmed Abida’s suggestion and said that she has also heard from the doctor that babies should be pampered.

Scene: 21999

Ghotai said to Gulalai that they are not able to take Shams to the provincial hospital for checking by the psychiatrist.

Gulalai said that the district clinic has also hired a psychiatrist.

Scene: 22000

Qambargul and Naseem were hidden behind a big tree. Naseem said to Qambargul that he wants to go near and see who are digging at the hillside valley.

Qambargul prevented him and said that the number of workers looks more and added that it would be better to share the issue with the elders of the village.