Eye Inflammation

written by: Mohammad Nasir Sirat

The eyes are one of the most sensitive and vulnerable organs of human body. If any kind of diseases disturb eyes, they might create serious problems. One of these problems is child eye inflammation.

Writer/producer AEPO has talked to some of the parents of patients and an Ophthalmologist.

A mother from Qalai-Adam Khan, Kabul city says about her child eye inflammation:

On the first day, his one eye had pain and inflammation and on the second day, his both eyes were swollen.

Doctor Mohammad Omar Aaqtash an ophthalmologist in one of the private hospitals in Kabul city says about the symptoms of eye inflammations:

The main symptoms of eye inflammation are itching, tear, redness, inflammation of eyes and eyelids and if it becomes acute, the eyes of the patient might become dry. The eyelids turn toward pupils, the eyelashes touch with pupils, it would damage them and might cause cataract and the patient might lose his/her eyesight.

Eye inflammation has two types: perennial and seasonal inflammation. The first type could be seen in any season of the year. Touching to chemicals, cosmetics, particles of dust, cement, and lime cause eye inflammation.

The second type is a seasonal allergy. Most of the people face this kind of allergy during spring and summer. Dust, direct sun ray on human eyes, trees and flowers pollen and some other objects cause eye inflammation.

Children eye inflammation doesn’t have home treatment, only washing eyes with lukewarm water is better in eye perennial inflammation but in seasonal eye inflammation, the patient should be taken to an Ophthalmologist for essential treatment.