Year: 29 Week: 36

Episode: 4438

Scene: 21953

The new mother, Gulmakai, who cannot manage to do the household chores while taking care of her newborn baby, Zainab,

asks Ghafar to buy a baby cradle for Zainab from the district market.

Scene: 21954

Shahperai is busy cooking halva (a thick paste made from flour and sweetened with sugar) from enriched flour that was given to her in the clinic.

Rabiagul asks Shahperai not to feed Fahim heavy food. However, Shahperai says that she cooks halva for herself to increase her lactation.

Scene 21955

Lalbaz brought a wheelchair for Shams from the district market. He along with the help of Ghotai, puts Shams in a wheelchair.

Shams moves the wheelchair with joy and is excited to go out, meet and play with his friends.

Scene 21956

Akbar tells Samandar about the number of holes dug in the hillside, which is a historical area; Samander says that this is a matter of concern and that he will consult Gulkhan, who is an intelligent young man.

Episode 4439

Scene 21957

Samandar meets Samiullah on the way and asks him if he sees Gulkhan. Samiullah asks why he is looking for Gulkhan.

He mentions that he has to consult about an important issue with him and requests Samiullah, if he finds Gulkhan tell him to come to the Shura office as soon as possible.

Scene 21958

Shams comes out of the fort riding his wheelchair and wants to play with the village children like before.

However, he finds his friends making fun of him and Mujeeb calls him lame and lazy. Shams gets upset and disappointed in his friends’ misbehavior.

Scene 21959

Sarwar Khan comes to ask about Fahim’s health and gives Shahperai some money to buy food and milk, and other stuff for Fahim.

Shahperai gets happy and says that the poor economy causes all her recent problems.

Scene 21560

Samiullah calls for Gulkhan. Fatah Khan says that he is not home and asks why he needs Gulkhan.

Samiullah says that Samander has sent a message for Gulkhan to come to the Shura office for a consultation on an important matter.

Episode 4440

Scene 21961

Karim, is happy for his son, Fahim’s health is better now—he thanks Nasim for his financial support to buy Fahim's prescription.

Nasim considers it his duty to help family members and tells Karim that whenever he needs money, he should let him know.

Scene 21962

Gulalai asks Abida about Zainab's vaccination time—Abida says that she is unaware of its time. Gulalai considers childhood vaccinations very important,

she requests Abida to ask Gulmakai to bring her child for her vaccination during her first 40 days.

Scene 21963

Samandar talks to Gulkhan about the digging that has been done on the hillside and asks him for advice on how to identify the perpetrators of this work.

Gulkhan considers digging secretly in a historical area to be a matter of concern and says that a few young people from each village should visit the site at night to find out the truth.

Scene 21964

Abida, goes to visit Shams at his house and finds Shams crying. Shams says that his friends made fun of him and he no longer will out to play with them.

Abida condemns this action of the village children.