Thomas Edison and Electric Bulb

Written by: Abdul Sabour Janbaz

Wais goes to the castle with his sister, Freshta but they don’t see Lalo Mama in the yard of the castle. They ask the guard about Lalo Mama.

The guard leads them to the corridor of the castle but the corridor is too dark for them to see. They call if someone hears them.

Lalo Mama turns a lamp and they see Lal Mama. Lalo Mama welcomes his guests. Wais says it's good that someone invented electricity.

Lalo Mama says that without a bulb, we will remain in the dark. The guests ask about the inventor of the bulb.

LaloMama takes them to the library of the castle, where they ask Hakim Baba about the inventor of the bulb.

Hakim Baba says, “Several scientists were working at the same time on the electric bulb, and finally someone named Thomas Edison managed to register the invention of the Electric bulb in his name.

Edison did not discover electricity but adapted it more perfectly and cheaply.

The guests ask about Thomas Edison.  Baba Hakim says, “Edison's full name was Thomas Alva Edison and he was born in the middle of the 19th century (1847) in the state of Ohio, USA. Edison lived for about 84 years and died in 1931.

All this time, he was busy with research and invention.

Thomas Edison lost his hearing to a great extent as he was a child but he continued to learn at home, and Edison can be considered one of the most achievements of homeschooling. He went to school for only three months and received all the education from his mother.

Edison invented the electric bulb at the age of eighty. He has a total of 1093 officially registered inventions, the most famous of which is the electric lamp.

After several hundred failed experiments, he succeeded in inventing the electric bulb.”

The guests thank Hakim Baba for the information.

Fereshta sees the kitchen of the castle and says to Lalo Mama that she likes cooking but it’s difficult to learn.

Wais says that he will buy a robotic kitchen for her.

Fereshta asks Wais about the robotic kitchen. Wais replies that he doesn’t know about it and they want information about the robotic kitchen.

Lalo Mama opens a window about this issue.


In the window, Shabana and Belqis are watching television. The spokesman is talking about the robotic kitchen. He says, “The robotic kitchen can manage the entire jobs of the kitchen from cooking food to serving it and finally washing the dishes.

The robotic kitchen has two powerful robotic arms that can touch various objects in the kitchen and takes help from these powerful arms and hands to pick up objects.

The powerful hands of this robot with special skills can pick up pots, pans, and various dishes that are specially made for this robot and transfer them or put them on the stove.

The smart robot selects, mixes, and finally cooks the food with the help of cameras and light sensors embedded in its different parts and then serves it. \After finishing the meal, the smart robot collects the dirty dishes and washes the dishes by itself.

It is enough for the chef to specify the step-by-step instructions for cooking a particular food and give it to the computer system. The company says that achieving such an advanced robotic kitchen was no easy task, and it took a team of 100 engineers, designers, and three award-winning chefs to make it.

The company also claims that the system behaves not like a machine. It has human skills, but its structure is not like a human, but like a machine that can move to all parts of the kitchen.”

Lalo Mama closes the window. The guests like the information and they want to go back home, Lalo Mama stops them and opens the window for listeners.


In the window, Ismatullah, a resident of Muhammad Agha district of Logar province says that he regretted dropping out of school and urges other juveniles to continue studying.”