Year: 29 Week: 34

Episode: 4432

Scene: 21929

Rabiagul takes some fodder to her house for the cows. Nazir sees her and after greeting, he asks why Karim does not take fodder.

Rabiagul replies that Karim's son, Fahim, is suffering from malnutrition, and she adds that Karim is with him in the hospital.

Nazir blames Rabiagul for not informing him of Fahim's illness so that he can prepare home remedies for him.

Stage: 21930

Mahjaben suggests Palwasha go with her to Ghafar's house to congratulate Gulmakai's baby.

Palwasha says that Gulmakai is in the hospital with her baby.

Scene: 21931

Shahperai thanks the doctor for treating Fahim and asks the doctor about Fahim's nutrition.

The doctor replies that Fahim is more than 6 months old and can feed him with vegetable soup and soft foods.

Scene: 21932

Lalbaz asks Ghotai about Shams’s health. Ghotai replies that Shams is still unconscious. At the same time, Shams asks for water and his parents become happy to hear Shams.

Episode: 4433

Scene: 21933

Karim takes Fahim back home. Rahim asks about Fahim's health. Karim replies that he has recovered from the disease.

Rahim asks Karim to take care of him.

Scene: 21934

Lalbaz tells Lalbaz that his legs cannot move. Lalbaz wants Ghotai to massage his feet.

Stage: 21935

Palwasha and Ahmad go to Karim's house to visit Fahim. Shahparai says that Fahim was malnourished and the doctor wants to feed him nutritious food, but they cannot prepare such food for him. Ahmad promises to help them with this issue.

Scene: 21936

Gul Khan tells Qambargul that some have dug up the hillside.

Qambargul says that one night he and Samargul were watering the land and they saw a light in the mentioned place.

Part: 4434

Scene: 21937

Gul Khan says to his father Fateh Khan that some people are digging on the hillside.

Fateh Khan asks her not to worry and says that some villagers might have taken soil for the construction of their houses.

Scene: 21938

Rabiagul complains to Rahim that there is no water in the house and Shahperai does not care about it.

Rahim asks for her patience with Shahparai.

Scene: 21939

Akabar goes to Gaffar's shop and wants to borrow sugar.

Ghafar says that he needs cash and that's why he cannot lend him sugar.

Stage: 21940

Shams asks Lalbaz to buy him a wheelchair . Lalbaz says that wheelchairs are not found in the regional market.