Milk Delivery Service

 Written bt: Mustafa Nasrat

Some people have been able to find a job after being unemployed for a long time by taking advantage of the available opportunities.
AEPO writer/producer has talked to Bai Muhammad, a resident of Kabul city.

Bai Mohammad says about his business: “I am a cook but I couldn't find a suitable job, so I chose to deliver fresh milk to customers' homes by bicycle.
On the first day, I sold 7 kilos of milk and later my customers increased and now I sell about 36 kilos of milk daily.

I have a small shop near my house and my son is the shopkeeper. We make yogurt from the remaining milk and he sells it in the shop.
My daily income reaches about 400 Afghanis.”

Home Wiring:

Those who learn a skill can find a job. AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to an electrician, Rahmatullah, a resident of Kabul city.
Rahmatullah says, “I had traveled illegally to Iran many times, but I did not find work. 

I decided to learn a skill. I studied a 6-months electrician course and after graduating from the course, I started working as an electrician and learned almost all the skills of an electrician practically.

When I got enough experience in this field, one of my friends introduced me to a construction company about 6 years ago and I am still working in the same company. I paid my loan and I have my car and can solve my economic problems.”