Year: 29 Week: 32

Episode: 4426

Scene: 21905

At the clinic, Abida congratulates Ghafar on the birth of his daughter.

Ghafar gets sad and says that he wished Golmakai to give birth to a boy. Abida blames him for his wrong opinion.

Scene: 21906

Shahperai says to the doctor that her milk has dried up and she is not able to breastfeed Fahim.

The doctor says that if she eats vegetables, fresh fruits, and liquids, she would get her milk supply back.

Scene: 21907

Ghotai wants Shams to take the ewes to the pasture. Shams accepts and hangs a bell on one of the sheep’s neck.

Scene: 21908

Nazir climbs a mulberry tree and wants to eat mulberry.

Rahimdad comes and stands under the tree.

Nazir asks him why he did not greet him. Rahimdad replies that a closed mouth is better than revealing someone’s secret.

Episode: 4427

Scene: 21909

It’s late afternoon and Majid wants Shazia to prepare him dinner. Shazia asks why Majid is in hurry. Majid replies that he wants to go somewhere.

Scene: 21910

Golmakai looks sad and says to Gulalai that her baby is very weak and she doesn't think it will gain weight.

Gulalai wants her to show love to her baby and feed her well so that she grows naturally.

Scene: 21911

Fatih Khan wants his son, Samiullah to take farmer tools and irrigate the land. Samiullah asks why the farmers do not do their job.

Fatih Khan replies that they are busy somewhere else.

Scene: 21912

Shams and Omid are grazing their flocks at the hillside. Shams says that one of his ewes went to a minefield, Omid prevents him and says that walking on a minefield is dangerous.

Episode: 4428

Scene: 21913

Hamida says to Zaramina that she wants to go to the clinic and visit Fahim. Zarmina asks about Fahim’s health. Hamida replies that Fahim is malnourished due to improper breastfeeding and she adds that she worries that something might happen to him.

Zarmina assures her that Fahim would be recovered soon.

Scene: 21914

Samiullah is busy watering the land. Gul  Khan asks that the peasants do irrigate.

Samiullah replies that his father said that peasants are busy somewhere else.

Scene: 21915

Karim is sad and says to Samandar that his son, Fahim is hospitalized and he worries that Fahim might die.

Samandar assures him the doctor will take care of him.

Scene: 21916

Ghotai and Lalbaz hear the sound of an explosion. Ghotai says to Lalbaz that Shams has taken sheep to the pasture and she worries about him.

Lalbaz wishes Shams to be safe.