year: 29 Week: 31

Episode: 4423
Scene: 21893

Shahperai says to Gulalai that since Fahim suffers from malnutrition, he cries and does not leave her arms.
Gulalai says that Fahim's impatience is due to the lack of vitamins in his body.

Scene: 21894

It’s midnight. Qambargul and Samargul are watering their land. Qambargul sees a light on the hillside and he says to Samargul that he wants to go to the hillside to see what is going on.

Samargul prevents and says that going to the hillside is dangerous at this time of the night.

Scene: 21895

Karim brings some medicines and milk for Fahim. Shahperai asks about the money.
Karim replies that he borrowed some money from Nasim.

Scene: 21896

Ghafar and Abida take Gulmakai to Gul Khan’s car. Gul Khan asks why they arrived late. Ghafar replies that the way is very bumpy.

Episode: 4424
Scene: 21897

Hamida tells her husband, Qambargul that Fahim's illness is severe and she is afraid that something bad might happen to him.
Qambargul suggests she go for visiting him at the hospital.

Scene: 21898

Gul Khan comes home earlier. Fatih asks about the cause. Gul Khan replies that he wanted to be informed about the digging of the hillside at night but no one had information about this issue.

Fatih says that Gul Khan is not the watchman of the village.

Scene: 21899

 Hamida goes to the clinic and asks Shahperai about Fahim’s health. Shahperai replies that he is better after treatment.

Scene: 21900

Samargul says to his father, Akbar about the light on the hillside at night. Akbar says that there might be shepherds or nomads at the hillside.

Episode: 4425
Scene: 21901

Mena and Mujib are playing in their house yard. Ghafar wants to play in the village.

Scene: 21902

Shahperai says to Karim that Fahim coughs, feels lethargic and has a fever.Karim says that he will inform the doctor.

Scene: 21903

Mena is crying. Hameda asks about the cause. Mena replies that her father, Majid did let her and her brother, Mujeb play at home.

Scene: 21904

Gulalai wants Ghafar’s fingerprint on paper. Ghafar asks the reason for taking his fingerprint. Gulalai replies that Gulmakai needs surgery and her husband’s fingerprint is required.