Black Money

 Written by: Arash Nangyal

Nisar goes to the castle with his sister, Palwasha. A man is going in front of them and talking on his mobile phone and tells the other side that he is sick and is talking from the hospital. Nasir and Palwasha laugh and reach the yard of the castle.

Lalo Mama welcomes them and takes them inside the castle.

Nisar shares the issue of the liar and wants Lalo Mama to open a window about lying andLalo Mama opens a window.


In the window, Adila worries and says to her brother, Fawad that her mother is sick and wants him to go on his bicycle and take a doctor from the district bazaar. Fawad says that his friend, Habib has taken his bicycle.

Adila wants him to call Habib and ask for the bicycle. Fawad calls Habib and shares the issue of his mother with him and wants him to bring his bicycle back.

 Habib says that he is in the district bazaar and he will come late.

When Fawad leaves his house for the district bazaar, he sees Habib was riding on the bicycle in the village ground.

Fawad asks why he told him a lie on the phone as his mother is very sick and he urgently needs the bicycle.

Habib ashames and replies that he likes riding a bicycle. Fawad takes his bicycle back from Habib and tells him that he would never believe in him afterward.

Lalo Mama closes the window. Nisar and Palwasha thank Lalo for the information.

Palwasha reads a headline in a newspaper about black money and she asks Lalo Mama about them. Lalo Mama opens another window about black money.


In the window, the reporter of the castle is talking to some juveniles and asks them about black money but none of them knows black money. Then the reporter shares the issue with Hanifullah Bashar, a professor of the economy.

Professor Bashar says that most people think that black money might be black but it’s not true.

Black money includes all funds earned through illegal activity such as murder, thefts, bribes, crimes, smuggling and so on that is not recorded for tax purposes. Black money proceeds are usually received in cash from underground economic activities.

Black money has bad effects on the country's economy, including:

- This money reduces government revenue because it does not tax the government.

- Social stability is disturbed

- Facilitates unequal distribution of income

- It harms the monetary stability of the country.

Prevention methods:

- Central Bank officials are required to closely monitor the performance and daily transactions of all banks and money changers.

- Every money changer and the bank must accurately declare the source of its customers' income and refrain from illegal money transactions.

 When Lalo Mama closes the window, he smiles. The guests ask about the cause of his smile.

Lalo Mama replies that one of the listeners of the program has sent a joke about a rich man and then he opens another window:


In the window, a boy from Logar province tells the following joke, “A woman told to the other woman her neighbor which has four stories build has gone to the comma. 

The other woman said that rich people can go whatever they want but we cannot.”

Lalo Mama closes the window of the listeners.