Homemade Sweets

 Written by: Sayed Mustafa Nasrat

Some people think that they cannot start a business with little money and they remain unemployed for a long time, but others have started working with less capital and have found a way to earn money and improve their economy.

One of them is a woman who lives in Kabul city and she does not want to mention her name in the program. The writer/producer of AEPO has talked to her about her business. she says about her activity, "After the latest political developments, I faced economic problems. I have a special skill in preparing many kinds of sweets and I can produce sweets with different flavors from the market.

I made samples of these sweets and posted their pictures on my Facebook and within a short time, I received many orders.
I started my business with 2000 Afghanis and when we received more orders, we increased our production too.

We benefited 16,000 Afghanis in 3 days from the capital of 2,000 Afghanis.

At first, I started my business with the help of my daughter and my son was helping me in delivering the products to the customers, but later our business expanded and I hired three women to prepare the sweets and a man with a motorbike to deliver the products and I pay them monthly salaries.”

Carpet Cleaner:

Some businessmen, compared to others have been able to make changes in their business to find better ways to make money.
AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Haroun Hemat a resident of Kabul city.

Hemat says, “There are many carpet cleaning companies in Kabul city. In the beginning, we checked how many inhabitants Kabul has; how many of them live in residential blocks, and how many live in ordinary houses and then we started our business with more strength and different from others.

We wash and dry a carpet in one hour and then hand it over to the owners of the carpet. We also wash car seats, couches, and sofas at home or in the company with unique machines.”
"We have printed the customer card and are distributing it to the people and our customers."