year: 29-Week: 30

Episode: 4420

Scene: 21881

Dilbaro seems sad. Her daughter, Mahbooba asks about the cause of her sadness.

Dilbaro replies that she worries about Adam Khan that where he goes every night.

Scene: 21882

It’s midnight. Ghafar goes to Abida’s house and says to her that Gulmakai is suffering from labor pain.

Abida says that It's not time for her to give birth.

Scene: 21883

Shahperai wants Karim not to be indifferent to Fahim's illness otherwise something might happen to him.

Karim wants her to get ready for going to the clinic.

Scene: 21884

Fatih takes some workers and goes to the hillside. He sees that Majid and some other workers are digging the land.

Fatih Khan asks Majid what are they doing here at midnight.

Majid gets angry and says to Fatih Khan that he has no right to ask him.

Adam Khan says to Majid that there is no need for controversy, he will tell him everything.

Episode: 4421

Scene: 21885

Shahparai takes Fahim to the clinic. Karim asks the doctor why Fahim is weak.

The doctor replies that if Fahim's mother did not give him milk and nutritious food, he would have suffered from malnutrition.

Scene: 21886

Adam Khan tells Fateh Khan that he has discovered historical relics on the hillside and suggests to Fateh Khan that they dig the ground together.
Fatih Khan accepts and wants Adam Khan to keep the secret.

Scene: 21887

Gulalai says to Shahparai that Fahim has lost weight and she will admit him to the clinic. Shahparai says that his daughter, Momina is alone at home and due to this issue, she could not stay with Fahim at night in the clinic.

.Scene: 21888

Nargis says to Gulkhan that dogs barked more last night. Gulkhan says that he also heard the sounds of mattock and shovels in the middle of the night.

Episode: 4422
Scene: 21889

Karim goes to Naseem’s shop. Naseem asks him if he has left Fahim alone in the clinic.
Karim replies that he wants to borrow some money from Naseem to buy Fahim’s medicines.

Scene: 21890

Majid asks Adam Khan why he gave a share to Fatih Khan. Adam khan replies that if he did not give him a share, he will disgrace them.
Scene: 21891

Abida says to Gulalai that Gulmakai is suffering from labor pains. Gulalai wants her to take her to the clinic.

Scene: 21892

Momina is crying. Rabiagul worries that why Karim and Shahperai stayed for a long time in the clinic.  Aqila says that she worries that something bad might happen to Fahim.