Highway Seller

 Written by: Hasamuddin Hamdard

Some people have thought that some activities make their lives better.The writer/producer AEPO has talked to a driver, Sayed Alam, a resident of Jalalabad city, the center of Nangarhar province.

Sayed Alam says: I have a small truck and started work with it about four years back. I borrow goods and groceries from Jalalabad city and sell them to the shops on the highway of Kabul- Jalalabad. At the end of each week, I collect money from sold goods and groceries from the shopkeepers and give it back to the whole seller in Jalalabad city. I gain about Afs. 1500 daily and could solve all my economic problem.

The Spare Parts:

Ghulam Sakhi is a resident of Kabul city. He buys new juicers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, room coolers and other electronic equipment in order to get their parts for repairing other used equipment. and makes it spare parts. He says: as long electronic equipment doesn’t have spare parts in Afghanistan, I separate new equipment into its parts and sell each part to those, who need it and I get more benefit than selling the whole equipment. For instance, if I sell a juicer for Afs. 3000, I would sell its spare parts for Afs.5000.

Most of my customers are families. Sometimes electronic equipment sellers also need spare parts for their damaged equipment.