Building Materials Shop in Village

 Written by: Gharsanai Asghari

Some people want to start business that was not in the area before but they are afraid that they may face problems or they will face loss, but Abdul Hamid, a resident of Shakardara district of Kabul province opened a shop of construction material in a village of the mentioned district.

Abdul Hamid says about his business, “At the beginning,  I had a shop in Kabul city and I lived there with my family for 15 years. But later I could not pay the rent of my house and shop from the profit of my shop, and as I have a land and a fruit garden in Shekar Dara district, I moved to the mentioned district.

I considered that some people need building and bathroom materials; I opened a shop for such materials in the village. I also sell paint, yogurt and cheese in my shop.
I have my own house and I can solve my financial problems easily."

Solar Penal Installations:

In many cities and villages of Afghanistan, a number of people use solar energy. Solar energy production requires the installation of solar panels, which can only be done by professionals. Some people have learned the skill of installing solar panels and earn money through it among them is Dawlat Khan, a resident of Kabul city.

Dawlat Khan talks about his business, “I started my career as an apprentice in a car battery shop. Since my brother is an electrical engineer and has enough experience in installing solar panels, I learned the skill of solar panels installation practically from him in about 2 years. I have also studied a one-year theory course in this field and now I can install solar panels without the help of others.”