Year: 29 Week: 28

Episode: 4414

Scene: 21857

Dilbaro asks Adam where he goes every night.

Adam Khan replies that he and Majid go to Damam village to solve a problem between two families.

Scene: 21858

Gulalai calls Gulmakai and talks about the importance of the tetanus vaccine.

Gulmakai promises that she will go to the clinic the next day.

Scene: 21859

Aqila says that Fahim’s belly is swollen.

Shahperai says that it might be the effect of diarrhea.

Scene: 21860

Rahimdad says to Fateh Khan that he saw Adam Khan's guests with Majid and he was afraid of them.

Fateh Khan asks about them. Rahimdad replies that they were unknown men.

Episode: 4415

Scene: 21861

 It is the day of Eid and Purdil goes to Rahim's house. Rahim asks about his coming. Purdil replies that a small issue has been bothering Karim and him, but he wants to resolve it now.

Scene: 21862

Shahperai says to Aqila that she wants to go to Abida’s house. Palwasha asks about the reason for her going.

Shahperai replies that Fahim has diarrhea and she will wish Abida to blacken his belly.

Palwasha prevents and wants to take Fahim to the doctor.

Scene: 21863

Shazia asks her father, Adam Khan that why he takes Majid with him to Daman village.

Adam Khan replies that he is afraid alone on the way to Damam village.

Scene: 21864

Omid, Zarghon, Mujib and Mena go to a park.

Omid says to Mujib that he and Zarghona want to ride the carousel

Mujib says that they also want to ride the carousel too.

Episode: 4416

Scene: 21865

Akbar is slicing meat. Zarmena wants him to separate meat for Palwasha and Fatima too.

Akbar wants her patience and says that he will not forget them.

Scene: 21866

Rabiagul asks Shahperai whether Abida blackened Fahim’s belly or not.

Shahperai replies yes and adds that Abida gave some home medicines to Fahim too.

Scene: 21867

Mahjabeen asks Gulmakai about the ultrasound result whether her baby is a boy or girl.

Gulmakai replies that she did not ask the doctor about the gender of her baby.

Scene: 21868

Fatih Khan asks Majid about Adam Khan’s guests. Majid replies that they went back.