Diabetic ulcer Treatment


 Written by: Mohammad Nasir Sirat

According to a BBC radio news source quoting the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan and the World Health Organization, in 1395 solar year in Afghanistan, about two and a half million people were diagnosed with diabetes.

The writer/producer AEPO has talked to some diabetes patients and two physicians.

A woman from Laghman province has come for treatment to Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital, the Kabul city. she says: I have diabetes. At the beginning, the doctors scraped the Sole of my foot but it did not work. I came again to this hospital and they cut my foot and I am better than before.

Doctor Hasibullah Wardak, an internist at a private hospital in Kabul city says:

At the beginning, blisters are seen on the legs of diabetes patients, and if they do not treat them, these blisters would turn into ulcers, the ulcers would be overgrown and possibly affect the bones and at the final stage, if not treated, the patient might lose his/her leg or legs.

what are the causes of diabetic ulcers?

Using tight shoes, have no physical exercise, eating too much sugar, rice and meat instead of vegetables and not taking medicine according to the prescription of the physician, are the main causes of diabetic ulcers.

Diabetes patient should wear cotton socks and should usually control their diabetes.