Year: 29 Week: 26

Episode: 4408

Scene: 21833

Gulmakai says to Rabiagul that she wants to go to the clinic for a checkup.

Rabiagul says that all pregnant women suffer the same problem and there is no need to go to the clinic.

Scene: 21834

Fateh Khan sees that Adam Khan has shovels and mattocks and goes somewhere. He asks Adam Khan about the need for these tools.

Adam Khan replies that he has more work to do on his land.

Scene: 21835

Gulmakai says to Ghagfar that Rabiagul prevents her from going to the clinic.

Ghafar wants her not to pay attention to the words of others.

Scene: 21836

Shahperai says to Rabiagul to give her a glass of cow milk for Fahim.

Rabiagul denies it and says that the cow is pregnant and her milk is low. She adds that Shaperai has to breastfeed her baby again.

Episode: 4409

Scene: 21837

Majed says to Adam Khan that the hillside belongs to all three villages.

Adam Khan says that they would not inform anyone else and would continue their digging.

 Scene: 21838

Gulmakai goes to the clinic and after the checkup, she asks Gulalai about her problem.

Gulalai replies that the examination results show that Gulmakai suffers from anemia.

Scene: 21839

Shahperai goes to Abida’s house and wants some eggs for Fahim. Abida says that eating eggs strengthen Fahim.

 Scene: 21840

Mena says to her mother, Shazia that she and her brother, Mujeeb are hungry and wants her to prepare dinner for them.

Shazia says that it would be better to wait for Ghafar to come and have dinner together.

Mujib wants Shazia that Majed might be gone to their grandmother’s house and wants Shazia to call his grandmother.

Episode: 4410

Scene: 21842

Shahperai says to Rabiagul that she has boiled eggs for Fahim.  Rabiagul prevents her and says that giving boiled eggs cause the baby to be a dump.

Scene: 21843

Ghafar comes home and asks Gulmakai about her business. Gulmakai replies that she is preparing food. Ghafar wants to prepare nutritious food for her.

Scene: 21844

Karim says to Rabiagul that Shahperai’s milk is reduced and she could not feed Fahim.

Rabiagul calls Shahperai a deceitful woman and wants Karim to force her to breastfeed Fahim.

Scene: 21845

It’s late at night and Rahimdad sees unknown people with Majed. Rahimdad asks Majed about them.

Majed replies that they are Adam Khan’s guests and want to go to Sarband village.