High-Rise Window Cleaning

 Written by: Gharsanai Asghari

Few people are willing to do risky tasks to solve their economic problems. One of these tasks is cleaning the windows of high-rise buildings.

AEPo’s writer/producer has talked to Jawid Zazai, a resident of Kabul city.

Zazai says about his business, “In the beginning, I was working as a mason but its income was not sufficient for me, then I moved to a neighboring country where I professionally acquired the skill of cleaning high-rise buildings windows.

When I came back to our country, I faced economic problems. To find a solution to this issue, I signed a contract with a construction company and they pay me about 15000 Afghanis monthly salary.

When an apartment of a block owner needs to clean their windows, they call our company and our company prepares a group of workers to clean the windows. We also have life insurance with the company.

I am happy with my work and my economic situation is better than before.”

Multitasking simultaneously:

Have you ever encountered a person who does several tasks at the same time and gets a good income?
AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Yusuf, a resident of Kabul city.

Yusuf says, “In the beginning, I  was preparing teaching materials for learning courses and I also had a job in the administration department of different private schools but as the salary was not sufficient for me, I left those jobs and started photography work with one of my friends.

In the beginning, our monthly income was reaching to about 4500 Afghanis but now our income is increased. My daily income is 300 afghanis. If I work in AutoCAD, we have more than 12,000 incomes.

In addition to that, I translate and type documents and texts; prepare scholarship text, fill out online forms; edit, print, and design photos.
I was interested in computer programs when I was a child and studied different computer programs in computer learning courses. When I succeeded in the faculty of engineering, I learned AutoCAD program from one of our professors at the university, and I also watched more videos on the internet.

I am still a student of the Faculty of engineering and I pay the fee for the faculty and help my family from my salary.”