Year: 29 Week:25

Episode: 4405

Scene: 21821

Rabiagul asks Shaperai about Fahim’s health. Shahperai replies that he is better than before.

Scene: 21822

Abida gives some money to Ghafar. Ghafar asks about the money. Abida wants him to bring a piece of cloth for preparing clothes for Ghafar’s unborn child.

Scene: 21823

Fahim is crying. Karim wants Shahperai to breastfeed her baby. Shahperai says that she doesn’t have enough milk to feed Fahim.

Scene: 21824

Adam Khan comes late at home. His wife, Dibaro asks why he is late. Adam Khan replies that he talked to his special friend about a secret.

Episode: 4406

Scene: 21825

Gulmakai complains to Palwasha of lethargy and fatigue. Palvasha suggests that she should go to the clinic so that she or her unborn baby would not be harmed.

Scene: 21826

Karim tells his mother, Rabiagul that the milk of Shaprai has decreased. Rabiagel does not accept and says that Shahperai makes excuse.

Scene: 21827

Abida goes to Ghafar’s house and finds Gulmakai tired and lethargic. Abida wants her to go to the clinic for a checkup.

Gulmakai says that she had gone to the clinic when she was 2 months pregnant.

Scene: 21828

Shazia asks Majid why her father, Adam Khan wants to visit Majid. Majid replies that after talking to Adam Khan, he will get informed about the issue.

Mena says that she also wants to go to her grandfather’s house with Majid.

Episode: 4407

Scene: 21829

Adam Khan says to Majid that he will share something with him in his favor, but wants him not to tell anyone.

Majid becomes happy and promises that he will find secret mercenaries for him.

Scene: 21830

Shahperai says to Hamida that her milk supply is low and Fahim is not satisfied. Hamida wants to give her baby cow's milk.

Scene: 21831

 Ghafar eats dinner but Gulmakai doesn’t have the appetite to eat. Ghafar promises to take her to the clinic the next day.

Scene: 21832

Majid comes back from Adam Khan’s house and says to Shazia that Adam wants to help him in his cultivation.

 Shazia says that her brother, Jamal Khan and Adam Khan’s peasants could do that and she thinks that Adam Khan might have told him about something else.