The Kamal Khan Dam

 Written by Arash Nangyal

Nasrin goes to the castle alone. Her brother, Farhad arrives later and says that a boy wanted to beat a little boy but he prevented him to beat the child. Meanwhile, Lalo Mama comes and welcomes his guests and takes them inside the castle.

Farhad shares the issue with Lalo Mama too. Lalo Mama says that this issue remembers the story of sheep and wolf. The guests want him to tell the story.

Lalo Mama says that this is the story of a proverb “There is no template for force” and then he opens a window.


In the window, the reporter of the castle tells the story of the proverb, “There is no template for force.”

“A lamb was drinking water from the lower part of a creek and a wolf was drinking from the upper part of it.

The wolf got angry and asked the lamb why it was making the water dirty.The lamb replied that it drank from the lower part of the creek.

The wolf said that why the lamb had cursed him last year. The Lamb said he was not born last year. The wolf said that the lamb’s father had cursed him.

 The lamb said that the wolf was struggling to eat him and there is no template for force, he decided to escape. the wolf asked where did she go. the wolf replied that he wanted to get prepared for the punishment and thus he ran away."

Lalo Mama closes the window and the children thank Lalo Mama.

Nasrin sees a picture of a dam and she asks Lalo Mama about it. Lalo Mama says it’s a picture of Kamal Khan Dam. Nasrin wants more information about the dam. Lalo Mama opens another window.


In the window, the reporter of the castle is talking to Barakatullah Arubi a professor at Kabul University about Kamal Khan Dam.

The professor says, “Kamal Khan Dam is one of the most important dams in Afghanistan in terms of water resources and irrigation. The dam has a storage capacity of 5 million cubic meters of water. In addition to generating 4 megawatts of electricity, it is also capable of irrigating 8 hectares of deserts. Kamal Khan Dam is located 4 km east of Zaranj, the center of Nimroz province, near Chahar Burjak district. Kamal Khan, a patriotic Afghan, lived in Nimroz hundreds of years ago.

Like other Afghans, he hoped that the Helmand River would be controlled and managed so that the Nimroz deserts would be irrigated so that the country's water would not flow freely to others, and that jobs would be provided for the people of the region.

He built the dam in the Chahar Burjak district of the province using mud, lime, and wood, while the people did not trust and did not help him. The surrounding land turned green and the dam was renamed after him.

When Timur the lame attacked the area; Kamal Khan rebelled against him, but unfortunately led to the martyrdom of his close friends and the destruction of the dam.

In the 1390 solar year, the repair work of the dam started again and it was restored very quickly. About 87 million US dollars has been spent on it.”

Lalo Mama closes this window too. The guests like the information and promise to share it with their friends and they want to go home, Lalo Mama stops them and he opens the window of the listeners and a boy was telling a few couplets. Lalo Mama closes this window too.