Year: 29 Week: 24

Episode: 4402

Scene: 21809

Fatima calls Shazia and informs her that Jandad has given her permission to work at Shazia’s tomato paste factory.

Shazia becomes happy and wants her to come to the factory from next day.

Scene: 21810

Karim wants to go out for a walk; his wife, Shahperai wants to help her in watering the field.

Karim gets angry and says that he has not finished share working with Purdil for helping Shaperai.

Scene: 21811

Adam Khan says to his granddaughter, Mahbooba not to do house chores anymore and wants her to continue her school.

Mahbooba becomes happy and thanks Adam Khan and promises that she will do both, house chores and go to school.

Scene: 21812

Fatima says to her father, Akbar that she started work at Shazia’s tomato paste factory.

Akbar appraises her decision. Her mother, Zarmena says that Shazia’s economic problem will be solved soon.

Episode: 4403

Scene: 21813

Zarghona is preparing clothes for her father, Jandad. Fatima asks if Jandad is invited somewhere.

Zarghona replies no and says that Jandad transtibial prosthesis is ready and Jandad wants to go to the provincial hospital to put it on.

Scene: 21814

Ghotai visits Mahbooba on the way to school. Ghotai asks how Adam Khan let her go to school.

Mahbooba replies that after his illness, he realized the importance of literacy and acquiring knowledge.

Scene: 21815

Jandad wants to go to the provincial hospital. Fatima asks him if he has money for the fare. Jandad replies no and adds that he will borrow some money from someone in the district bazaar before going to the province.

Scene: 21816

Fatih Khan asks Purdil why his shop is closed. Purdil replies that he ended share work with Karim.

Episode: 4404

Scene: 21817

Fatima asks Shazia if she could pay her one month's salary in advance. Shazia promises to pay her.

Scene: 21818

Rabiagul wants Rahim to find a job for his brother, Karim. Rahim promises that will talk to Karim about this issue first and then will look for a job for him.

Scene: 21819

Adam khan says to Samandar that he regretted why he deprived Mahbooba of education for a while.

Samandar says that it’s not too late that he knew the importance of education.

Scene: 21820

Jandad comes back from the provincial hospital and he thanks Fatima for paying him money otherwise he could not go to the province.

Fatima is grateful that Jandad knew the value of woman work.