Year: 29 Week: 22

Episode: 4396

Scene: 21785

Zarmena asks Fatima that why Jandad has not gone to his tailoring shop. Fatima replies that Jandad does not have customers these days.

Scene: 21786

Adam Khan is suffering from a headache. His wife, Dilbaro wants him to go to the doctor. Adam Khan says he bought some medicine from a pharmacy.

Adam Khan granddaughter, Mahbooba says their teacher told them not to take the medicnes arbitrarily.

Scene: 21787

Fatima looks sad. Shazia asks about the cause. Fatima replies that Jandad's shop is closed and he doesn’t let her work either.

Scene: 21788

Adam Khan tells Dilbaro that his body is swollen and itching. Dilbaro says small rashes also appear on his face and forehead.

Episode: 4397

Scene: 21789

Fatima wants Jandad to let her work at Shazia tomato paste making factory. Jandad gets angry and warns Fatima not to mention this issue again.

Scene: 21790

Rabiagel asks his son, Karim that why he sold the shop to Purdil.  Karim replies that he did not have enough money to buy the shop.

Scene: 21791

Adam Khan says that he has a bad headache and shortness of breath. Mahbooba says she is afraid that taking medicines arbitrarily might affect him.

Scene: 21792

Rabiagul blames her son, Naseem for not paying Karim to buy Purdil's shop. Naseem says he has no cash.

Episode: 4398
Scene: 21793

Samargul calls Jandad and asks him why he is not coming to the shop these days. Jundad replies that as he does not have customers, he does not work in his tailoring.

Scene: 21794

Mahbooba informs her grandfather, Adam Khan that he has been allergic to expired medicines. Adam Khan says that if it is right, he will go to the hospital.

Scene: 21795

Fatima tells Jandad that all the house expenses are over. Jandad says he will find money to solve this problem.

Scene: 21796

Dilbaro tells Adam Khan that a car is ready to take him to the clinic.Mahbooba says that she will accompany him to show the medicines to the doctor.