Dirty Hands

Written by: Arash Nangyal

ّFirst Lane:

Najiba and Arezo are playing a fivestones game in the lane.The peddler comes and the children greet him. Arezo complains of stomach pain. The peddler sees that Arezo's hands are dirty and she eats with dirty hands. The peddler tells the children that eating with contaminated hands causes many diseases, and then gives Arezoo and Najiba magic glasses.

The children see germs from the magic glasses in Arezo’s mouth and the germs find their way into her stomach, and Arezo suffers from stomach pain.
Arezo and Najiba ask the germs where they came from.

The germs respond that when Arezo and Najiba were playing on the ground, they clung to their hands, and when Arezo ate something, they went to her mouth and finally found a way to her stomach.

The children ask the peddler how to prevent germs from entering their stomachs. The peddler replies that cleanliness is a sign of good health and suggests that children wash their hands regularly with clean water and soap after playing and that it is most important to wash their hands before eating.

Arezoo laughs. The peddler asks why she is laughing. Arezo replies that she remembers a joke about eating. The peddler asks her to tell the joke.

Arezo tells this joke: "Once a man went to the market and was very hungry but he had no money to eat.

He saw another man eating a kebab in a restaurant. The hungry man told him: Eating onions with kabab increases appetite.”

The peddler likes the joke and wants the children to learn more jokes next time, and he goes to the next line.

Second line:

Javid and his sister, Shazia is in their garden. Javid asks Shazia to play the alphabet game with him. Shazia asks about the game. Javid asks him to find the names that start with "b".

Shazia tries but finds no name starting with b. Meanwhile, Shazia hears the peddler is in the lane. Shazia and Javid take the peddler to their garden and there in the garden, Shazia asks the peddler to help her in finding the names that start with b. The peddler says Badakhshan starts with B.

Shazia says that banana also starts with b. The children continue to play and the peddler goes to another lane.

Third line:

Parviz and Nooria are waiting for the peddler and the Golden Wings fairy to come and tell them a new part of the Pencil story. The peddler and the Golden Wings fairy arrive and the children greet them.

Parviz and Nooria repeat the previous part of the story and the Golden Wings fairy tells a new part of the story.