Honesty in Business

 Written by: Sayed Mustafa Nasrat

Honesty is a good marketing for business and causes the progress of work and leads to continuity of the business.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Muhammad Sharif, a resident of Kabul city.

Sharif says about his business, “I started my work as a mason about 20 years back.

In the beginning, I was sitting with some other workers and mason in front Pul-e-Khesti Masjid, Kabul city.

When my customers saw my honesty in work, they told about it to their friends and relatives and if they need me, they call me.

I do my job the way as my employer wants. I do not care about 8 hours of work. I will not leave my today work for tomorrow. If I spend more time, I do not want to be paid more by my employers.

I didn't have anything before, but now I own a two-story house. I live on the first floor and rent the second floor to someone else. I also rent two shops in my house. I have opened a spare parts shop for my son too.”

Sugarcane Juice Seller:

Some people start several businesses at the same time to earn more money but they fail due to lack of good management. On the other hand, those who think well before starting a business and find a suitable place, succeed in their work.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Muhammad Shafiq. Shafiq talks about his business, “"I live in Gulzar village, Chaharsiab district of Kabul province.

There was only one shop in the whole village, and I thought that villagers needed more shops, so I opened a food stall at the intersection of our village.
The market was far from the village and people had to walk for about half an hour to buy vegetables. To solve this problem, I bought a cart and put it in front of my grocery stall.

Later I think that when the villagers go to the market in hot weather, they may get thirsty, so I bought a sugar cane juicer. My son also helps me with my business. My daily income is about 500 Afghanis and I can easily solve the economic problems of my family.”