Year: 29 Week: 21

Episode: 4393

Scene: 21773

Jandad, Naseem, and Karim are gathered in Purdil’s shop. Jandad suggests that one of them should buy the shop and pay the other. Karim says he has no money. Purdil says he will buy the shop.

Scene: 21774

 Delbaro is washing dishes when her husband, Adam Khan comes and asks her why her granddaughter Mahboobba does not wash the dishes?

Delbaro replies that Mahbooba has gone to school.

Adam Khan gets angry and says that Mahbooba is young now and she should not go to school afterward.

Scene: 21775

Karim tells his wife, Shahparai that he has ended his partnership with Karim. Shahparai becomes happy and wants Karim to find another job for himself.
 Scene: 21776

Dilbaro wants Mahbooba to change her school uniform before Adam Khan sees it.

 Mahbooba says that she likes studying at school and that her grandfather should not stop her from studying.

Episode: 4394

Scene: 21777

Jandad seems upset. Fatima asks about the cause. Jandad replies that he has no customers these days and many people complain about economic problems.

Scene: 21778

Mahbooba begs Adam Khan to let her go to school but Adam Khan refuses and says that she is young enough and the villagers would make fun of him for going Mahbooba to school.

Scene: 21779

Purdil tells Ghaffar that he ended his partnership with Karim. Ghaffar says it is difficult for Purdil to run the shop alone.
Purdil suggests him if he could find a new partner for him.

Scene: 21780

Fatima tells Gulmkai that Jandad does not have customers these days and they are facing economic problems.
Gulmakai suggests working in the factory producing tomato paste of Shazia.

Episode: 4395

Scene: 21781

Fatima tells Jandad that she decided to work in Shazia’s tomato paste factory. Jandad says that he would never let her work outside the home.

Scene: 21782

Mahbooba tells her grandmother that her classmates are waiting for her outside the gate. Delbaro says Mahboiba is not allowed to go to school afterward.

Scene: 21783

Fatima wants Jandad to let her go to her father's house. Jandad allows her but wants to return sooner.

Scene: 21784

Mahbooba is crying. Ghotai asks Dilbaro about the cause of Mahbooba’s crying.
Dilbaro replies that Adam Khan prevented her from school.