The importance of Associations

 written by: Aqsa Sediqi


Some women in Afghanistan, who have started economic work, might face some problems but they could find a solution for them.

The writer/producer AEPO has talked to Maryam Popal, the head of an association in Kabul city. She says about her work:

before establishing the association, we held a project in Kabul Women Garden with the assistance of Indian government.  At the project, we succeeded to train about 1200 women in different professions. All the participants were taking part in groups and productive work. As I saw their enthusiasm for business, I established the association for fulfilling their goals

Now, about 3000 women have the membership of the association. The members of our association learn how to start a business and find a market for their productions. Any woman could get the membership of our association with paying a small amount of membership right.

Patience and Endurance:

The writer/producer AEPO has talked to a person, who started a business with less money and faced damage many times but has not lost his patient and endurance. This man is Abdul Rasool, a resident of Kabul city. He says: I started work with my brother while I was 13 years old. Later I started to sell wood and charcoal but I was facing damage every time. I started car washing and faced about ten thousand US dollars damage but I did not lose my patience and continue to have more experience. Finally, I established plastic sandals factory. At the beginning, we were producing about 20 pairs of sandals a day but now one machine could produce about 300 pairs of sandals daily and our products cover about 70% of the market. About 50 workers are busy in the factory.