Anger Written by: Muhammad Anwar Andar

Zalamai and Shakira go to the castle to visit Lalo Mama. Zalamai seems angry and Lalo Mama asks about the cause of his anger.
Zalmai replies that his cousin cheated in the game but he did not accept his mistake.

Lalo Mama takes them inside the castle and there in the corridor of the castle, he opens a window about anger.


in the window, The reporter of the castle says that some teenagers get angry very quickly with a small issue and this might cause problems for them.
The reporter talks to some teenagers.

Farhad, a resident of the Istalif district of Kabul province says, “Once we had a picnic. One participant offered to return home, but the others refused. One of them grabbed the other by the collar, but we did not allow them to fight. They got angry and did not talk to each other for a long time but recently we reconciled them.”

Another boy says, “We were playing a game with another team. Meanwhile, a member of our team quarreled with one of the participants of the other team. This caused us to stop playing anymore.”

The reporter asks what the teenagers should do when they are angry. Hadayat says, “One day I was with some of my friends. I wanted to make others laugh, so I was joking with one of them but he could not bear it and wanted to fight with me but I left the place without saying anything.”

Zubair says, “Argument is useless. If one of my friends gets angry with me, I talk to him politely and with a smile otherwise, I leave the place.”

Lalo Mama closes the window and meanwhile, a message comes to Lalo Mama’s mobile phone. Shakira asks Lalo Mama about the message.
Lalo Mama says that in the message, it is written that science and technology are so developed that robots take care of a historical city.
Zalmai asks about these robots. Lalo Mama opens another window about these robots.


In the window, Khalid is studying a magazine. Talwasa asks about it. Khalid says that it’s written that some robots take care of a historical park in Italy. He reads from that magazine that Pompeii, an archaeological Park in Italy has hired four robotic dogs named "Spot" to protect the streets and tunnels of this historic city.

The robots, which act as guards, patrol the site at night or when the site is closed to the public, and provide live video streaming to off-site human resources. One of the spot's tasks is to explore tunnels. Illegal diggers dig antiquities, leading to structural flaws.

More importantly, these tunnels are dangerous and too narrow for officials to access them safely. Pompeii is a historic city buried under volcanic ash. Today, the rest of the city can be visited in an area of ​​440,000 square meters. However, the remaining structures are subject to erosion due to natural forces and human activities.

The guests thank Lalo Mama for the information and they want to go back home, Lalo Mama stops and opens the listeners’ window.