Online Learning Courses

 Written by: Gharsanai Asghari

Knowledge and skill are always with human beings and they use them in need. Most people do not get disappointed when faced with economic problems but seek solutions to their problems. With the help of knowledge and skills, they change their lives and raise the level of their economy.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Qais Muhammadi, the owner of a language course.

Qais Muhammadi says, “At the beginning, I taught a few English courses, but they were not paid me well, I started online courses about 4 years ago and at that time I had only one student paying me 1200 Afghanis monthly fee.

Later, I started face-to-face learning too and now I have four teaching classes and I get 200-1200 Afghanis monthly fees for face-to-face learning and 1000-4500 Afghanis monthly fee for online learning and I can solve my economic problems.”

 Learning Skills:

Learning business skills takes time, but some people can achieve experiences in a short time. AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Hamida Tajmalzai, a resident of Kabul city.
Tajmalzai says about her business, “I am a teacher and my husband was also a teacher and we had a good life. when they closed the schools, we face economic problems. My husband became sick but I did not have money for his treatment.

When I was in the village, I was sewing Afghani Gand (a special Afghan dress).

As I did not have money to purchase cloth for sewing Afghani Gand, so I started my work on sacks.

In the beginning, I sew a pair of Afghani dresses and a hat for my daughter and when other people saw them, they liked and ordered sewing for them too and now I can solve my economic problems.”