Job According to Profession

 Written by: Sayed Mustafa Nasrat

People are engaged in various occupations, and everyone tries their best to benefit more but those who have a profession want to work in their field to increase their experience.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Emal Wafa, a resident of Kabul city.

Wafa talks about his business, "When I was in school and university, I had a cosmetics shop and then a mobile phone shop, but later, when I graduated from the faculty of veterinary, I started a career according to my profession.

I opened a veterinary clinic in a place where most of the residents are farmers. I distributed a customer card among them and the number of my customers is increasing every day. I started my business with 10,000 Afghanis. My daily income reaches 700-1000 Afghanis. I was used to go to work on foot, but now I have my car.”

Solar Dishes:

All Afghans are not literate enough to work professionally. They provide the business environment in other ways.

AEPO writer/producer has talked to Mahmoud, a resident of Maidan Wardak province. "Blacksmithing is my occupation and I shited to Kabul city, I opened a blacksmith shop. In addition to blacksmithing, I also started making solar dishes.

These dishes work as solar heaters and people use them for cooking food and boiling water at no cost. I also repair broken solar dishes and I can solve my economic problems."